Great Storage Ideas for Expecting Mothers

BABY CLOTHING STORAGEAs an expectant mother, you have a lot going on, especially if it’s your first child. In addition to physical changes, planning for maternity leave, and more, you also need to make space for the new baby and all of the things necessary to care for them. Read on for some great storage and organization ideas.

How to Organize Baby Stuff in a Small Space

Baskets are a life changer for expecting mothers and one of the best nursery storage ideas. They work well even in small spaces and can be used to organize almost everything you’ll need for the baby, such as baby clothes, toys, and more. For example, create a nursing caddy to hold everything for breastfeeding including:

  • Nursing pads
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Breast pump
  • Lotion
  • Burp cloths and more

Should I Hang or Fold Baby Clothes?

Folding is better, especially when combined with baskets for storage and the Kon Mari folding method to save space. Coats can still be hung in a closet and dresses, depending upon their style. Otherwise, folding baby clothes is much more efficient.

Additionally, baskets make it easier to fold and put away the baby’s clothes without disturbing a sleeping child. If you store clothes in closets or dressers, that’s difficult to impossible.

How Should You Store Baby Toys?

Baskets are even more useful for storing baby toys than other items because you can use the rotating basket system. With this practice, divide toys into three baskets. One basket is for the baby’s room, one is for the living room, and one is stored. 

Then after a week or two, move the basket from the baby’s room to the living room, the living room basket gets put away, and the stored basket gets moved into the baby’s room. By “vacationing” toys, this keeps them fresh. Young children tend to play with toys brought back from “vacation” as if they’re new.

This system variant uses four baskets, though the fourth basket doesn’t rotate with the others. Instead, the fourth basket contains toys that involve quiet play. This basket is used for when the child is out. It might even be stored in your car for convenience. Like the stored basket in the house, because these “out toys” aren’t used at home, the child isn’t bored with them, allowing them to be engrossed in playing with them.

How Do I Keep Kids’ Toys from Taking Over My Home?

As children get older, you may need more baskets, but they’re still handy for keeping toys neat and organized, though some prefer boxes because they are stackable. Toys can also be put on “vacation,” though that often involves talking to the child. To keep kids from raiding the toys “on vacation,” you can store them with Box&Co. and give us a call when you want to rotate toys again.

Children as young as toddlers can be involved in putting toys away. Making sure toys have a designated home, like in baskets or a bookcase, helps with that. Get the child into the habit of putting toys away when done with them so they’ll develop a healthy practice for the future.

Avoiding toy clutter in the first place also helps. While it’s understandable that we’d want to give our kids the best, they’re clutter if they’re not playing with all their toys. Buying toys thoughtfully helps keep clutter under control.

Or you can teach your children about donating toys to keep clutter under control. When it’s explained appropriately for the child’s age, as the experts at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital do, you’ll be teaching them empathy, charity, and decision-making skills as well as clutter clearing.

Can You Store Baby Clothes in the Garage?

You should not store either baby clothes or toys in the garage. Clothing in a garage could be a magnet for moths and other insects. Toys are likely to become infested with dust mites or insects.

Box&Co Makes Storage Easy

Having a baby is a significant life change. Box&Co can make storing easy, so you can focus on what’s essential and make your home baby safe. Just request our sturdy plastic storage containers, and we’ll deliver them. After you pack the items to be stored, we’ll pick your things up and keep them safe. Need an item? You can track your belongings online, order the suitable container when you need it, and we’ll deliver it. To learn more about our on-demand storage service, contact our storage experts today. 

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