Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Organizing Your Spring/Summer Yard Sale

yard sale tipsSpring may be around the corner, but it’s still too chilly to have a garage sale. Regardless, now is a great time to start organizing a spring or summer yard sale. If you’ve ever had a yard sale and then found more items you could have sold after the event, you understand the wisdom of prepping far in advance. Some people prepare a New Year to declutter box for a spring yard sale.

Set aside a box and label it “sell/donate.” Then as you go through your daily life for the next few weeks or months, put items in the box that you no longer use or need. If you also come across things that aren’t worth selling or donating, throw them away. By starting now, you will have accumulated enough for a yard sale by spring or summer. If your house is large, you might want to set up a declutter box on each floor.

How Do I Prepare for a Yard Sale?

  1. Pick a time and date
  2. Collect the items to sell
  3. Mark more oversized items with their sale prices
  4. Promote your sale, starting at least a week in advance
  5. Make yard sale signs to put around the neighborhood
  6. Set up a cash box with change
  7. Have a table to hold small items and to handle transactions

Group items by category. Hang clothes if possible. If selling toys, a blanket on the ground to display them might better attract kids who ask their parents to buy.

Do You Need a Permit for a Yard Sale?

That depends upon your local laws. Check with your village, town, and/or county to be sure. Generally, the application is just a paperwork issue and doesn’t require payment, but not having one when needed could cause trouble.

Can You Have a Yard Sale on Sunday?

Saturday is generally considered the best day for a yard sale unless you live in an area where religious services are widely held on Saturday. Sunday is the third-best day for a yard sale after Saturday and then Friday.

Why is Friday better than Sunday for a yard sale? In the summertime, a lot of people are off on Fridays. For many people, Sunday is church day. Even for the non-religious, Sunday is often a day for staying home, taking care of things before work on Monday, and spending time with family.

What Time Should a Yard Sale Start?

Hardcore yard sale people start early. 7 a.m. is typical for that crowd, and 8 a.m. is considered a little late. That said, do what works for you and factor in setup time, which always takes longer than expected. Just remember that the fewer customers you’re likely to get as the day wears on.

How Long Should a Garage Sale Last?

Start wrapping up your garage sale no later than 2 p.m. Visitors drop off severely after that.

How Do I Price Items for a Yard Sale?

The general rule of thumb for pricing items at a yard sale is to charge about 10% of the item’s original cost. Many variables exist, such as clothing in perfect condition that still has the tags on it. Vinyl records in good condition are also attracting attention again after years of little interest. Moneycrashers has more detailed pricing guidance based on the type of item.

The other advantage to planning a couple of months (or more) of a yard sale is that it gives you time to research prices based on the items and the going rate in your area. It also provides time to tag items with the price. That avoids confusion on the yard sale day and presents a more serious and polished approach that can translate into better sales. Those who like to haggle will still make lower offers, but many will pay the price on the tag.

What Never Sells at a Garage Sale?

Certain items are yard sale duds that rarely attract buyers, such as:

  • Ugly vases
  • Upholstered furniture, particularly substantial pieces
  • Dining room tables/sets
  • Mugs and cups
  • Exercise equipment
  • Entertainment centers/armories
  • Old electronics, especially large, old TVs
  • Textbooks and encyclopedias
  • Stereo speakers

Some of those items are too big and bulky to sell, like large furniture, and others have little interest, like textbooks and ugly vases. When it comes to mugs and cups – most people have enough already or want something very particular that you probably don’t have.

What Should You Never Sell (or Buy) at a Yard Sale?

While a garage sale is an excellent opportunity to get a great deal, there are a few items that you should never purchase at a garage sale. In each case, safety is the reason, though the specifics may vary.

    1. Car seats, cribs & bike helmets

These three items are highly regulated – and those regulations change. Buying them used means that they may not meet the current requirements and therefore not provide the expected safety level. You also won’t know if whoever had used the car seats or bike helmets in an accident can open up other issues.

    1. Cosmetics

Never buy unsealed cosmetics, and they could be contaminated with bacteria that can cause an infection. Even sealed cosmetics at a yard sale could be dangerous because make-up has an expiration date, and old cosmetics could be breaking down, causing skin irritation.

    1. Non-stick cookware

Teflon wears out. The non-stick coating can begin to flake subtly, which means Teflon would be in the food cooked in it.

    1. Electronics

This category is a little different. Only buy electronics if you can test the item before purchasing. If you’re running the yard sale, have an extension cord set up so you can plug in the articles and let buyers see that it works. Old electronics don’t always age well, and electrical shorts can be a risk.

    1. Mattresses

The risk of bed bug contamination is too high. Don’t buy a mattress at a yard sale.

    1. Running shoes

While those running shoes seemingly in good condition might sound like a great deal, please don’t do it. They’re designed to mold to the wearer’s feet, so unless they are brand new and unworn in the box, they may never fit quite right.

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