How to Prepare for Safe Outdoor Events This Spring

Safe Outdoor PartySpring is a great time for gatherings with friends and family, but how is this even possible during a pandemic? Luckily, the CDC has given us valuable information over the past year on protecting yourself from COVID-19 in various settings, such as an outdoor gathering. In addition to taking these precautions, Box&Co encourages you to take this opportunity to declutter your area to support social distancing at your outdoor gathering.

  1. Encourage Safe Practices
  2. When gathering during the coronavirus pandemic, it is critical to provide the necessities: masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. Having a box of extra masks is essential if someone either forgets to bring their mask, misplaces it, or contaminates it. Also, alert your guests to where the bottles of sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are and urge your friends and family to use them as often as possible.

  3. Space Out Your Guests
  4. As we have all been hearing for the past year and a half, six is the magic number when it comes to keeping a safe distance from others. Keeping that in mind, when setting up the furniture for your outdoor gathering, avoid having tables with chairs around them to discourage your guests from gathering too closely to each other. Instead, have picnic blankets or chairs that are separated six feet apart.

  5. Reduce High-Touch Surfaces
  6. Having multiple people gather in one area increases the chance of high-touch surface contamination, so it is vital to have as few of those surfaces as possible. Instead of placing food out in bowls and having shared bottles of juice or soda, provide packaged lunches and single-serve beverages in bottles for your guests. In addition, touchless garbage cans can prevent your friends and family from contaminating other surfaces while throwing out their trash.

  7. Maximize Your Space
  8. While setting up your outdoor area for a gathering, declutter to transform your space entirely. To have more open space for your guests to comfortably socially distance, pack away out-of-season items, and donate items that you no longer need. For your convenience, Box&Co can store your seasonal items until you need them back. 

Let Box&Co Pack Away Your Seasonal Items

With the help of Box&Co, storage could not be easier. When you contact us, we will deliver empty containers to your home, and after you fill them up with the items that you want to place into storage, we will pick them up for you. You can then keep up with your items by creating an account with us. To get started today, you can call usemail us, or book online.

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