How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution to Stay Organized

How to keep a New Year's Resolution to Stay OrganizedAfter resolutions to exercise more and lose weight, “getting organized” is the most common New Year’s resolution. Keeping the resolution, however, can be more challenging than making it.

Start with “why” you want to get organized. Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on how great leaders inspire action is often referred to as “The Why” talk and, while Sinek is talking about business, he makes an excellent point about motivation. Focusing on and acting from the “why” behind something makes it easier to get and stay motivated.

So why did you make a New Year’s resolution to get organized? Do you want less stress? More peace? To stop wasting time looking for things? To have a more attractive living space? Figure out your “why” and go from there.

Next, be honest about how you use your living space and what you need. This will help when you make plans. Only try to create lofty Martha Stewart goals if your lifestyle is far more casual and spur of the moment.

How Do You Plan and Get Organized?

Once you have your “why” and overall goals for what you want to create by being more organized, it’s time to make your plan and start acting. The University of Rochester has some home organization ideas and tips for getting organized.

  1. Create specific, measurable goals and a timeline.
  2. Track your progress (and write it down!).
  3. Make to-do lists.
  4. Be accountable.
  5. Use a timer for efficient bursts of organizing.

Those are steps for the overall process of getting and staying organized. When you’re cleaning up, decluttering, and getting organized, remember other advice like “avoid distractions” and “take breaks.”

It’s a good idea to break big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones… which helps prevent overwhelm and instill a sense of accomplishment.

How Can I Force Myself to Be Organized?

“Forcing yourself” to do anything feels terrible and is inherently self-critical, which can turn into self-sabotage. Instead, think in terms of motivating yourself to be organized. We’ve already addressed several aspects of how to motivate yourself in another blog and related issues like burnout.

Whether you think of it as “forcing yourself” to be more organized or motivating yourself, this is where figuring out your “why” can be a big help. Attach that “why” to a clear image of the desired result or create a tangible reminder of the benefits.

You should check out this video on the seven things organized people do that you don’t. It has some good, thoughtful advice.

How Do You Encourage Someone to Get Organized?

This can be a fraught topic. Trying to get anyone else to do something you want can open a giant can of worms. So – before you start – check your motive. If they have yet to complain about being disorganized and their disorganization doesn’t affect you, think twice before trying to get them to change. Some people thrive on “organized disorganization” and know exactly where everything is… even if it just looks messy.

If, however, they regularly complain about being disorganized or the other person’s disorganization affects you (such as you live or work with them) then it’s different. In the case of the former, ask them if they’d like help getting organized. Try to sound neutral when you ask, so they don’t feel pressured. Maybe they need to figure out where to start or have other similar, practical issues and would genuinely appreciate the assistance. Just be very diplomatic and careful in how you address the topic.

If they don’t mind being disorganized or have specific mental issues that contribute to their disorganization, but you share a living space, are business partners, etc., tread lightly to avoid offending them.

Communicate why this matters (bills are being paid late, etc.) without sounding accusatory or judgmental. If they’re willing to change, start small in the beginning. Be flexible. Your version of organization may always be too much for them, but you can still help them improve.

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