Home Remodeling Storage Tips

kitchen remodelSo you’re finally tackling that home remodeling project. Congratulations! That also probably means that you’ll need storage while remodeling.

Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen upgrade or renovation, or a significant decorative remodeling, such as one that involves adding or removing paneling, getting furniture and other belongings out of the way and into temporary storage will make everything much more manageable.

Where Do You Store Furniture When Renovating?

That will depend on the nature and scope of the renovation and the size of your house. A bathroom or kitchen remodeling is usually the most straightforward storage-wise because you have to relocate little or no furniture, just belongings.
If you have a room on the same floor that can absorb the excess furniture, that can work well. The process will be more manageable if you don’t have to remove furniture (or even items) from the floor on which they usually belong.
A basement or a garage is another option. Be careful storing fabric-covered furniture in a garage, though. It could become infested with insects or grow mildew while stored there. 
In some cases, you can put furniture in the center of the room. This tactic often works when you’re making changes to the living room, like painting, wallpapering, etc., that are faster than an entire remodeling like a kitchen or bathroom might undergo. Just make sure to cover the furniture with tarps or cloths to protect them. We have more tips if you’re redesigning your living room

How Do You Store Kitchen Items When Remodeling?

The first step to storing things during a kitchen renovation is to get rid of clutter – the more, the better. That way, there’s less to keep.
Next, store the items you’re not going to need during the renovation. That can include serving pieces you use for entertaining, roasting pans, baking supplies, etc., and even decorative items. Getting these items out of the house will give you more maneuvering room. At Box&Co, we’ll drop off the containers, you fill them, we’ll pick them back up, and when you need them, call and tell us which containers you need, and we’ll bring them back. It’s that simple.
While sorting what will go into storage, set aside everything you use daily, including coffee maker and filters, toaster, etc. Keep the items you use the most in an accessible place during the renovation.
Make your life easier during the renovation and temporarily switch to disposable plates and cutlery. Keep some real knives around, of course, but find a safe place for them to avoid injury. 

HGTV has a short video on how to pack your kitchen for storage while remodeling. That same link also has instructions on how to set up a temporary kitchen during a remodeling.

Box&Co Makes Storage Easy

A home renovation is exciting – when it’s done. Dealing with the renovation process can be stressful. The more belongings you can put into storage during renovation, the easier it will be. Let Box&Co. make the process easier. Just request pricing our eco-friendly storage containers, and we’ll deliver them. After you pack the items to store, we’ll pick your stuff up and store them. Need an item? You can track your belongings online, order precisely the correct container when you need it, and we’ll deliver it. To learn more, contact our storage experts today.

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