Declutter Your Home to Make Room for Holiday Decor 

declutter for the holidaysHalloween is approaching, rapidly followed by Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s. That means space is needed for holiday décor and entertaining, especially since cold weather means more time spent indoors. The good news is that you still have time to create orders and make some space so you can enjoy the holidays. 

What Should I Declutter Before Holidays?

The first step to decluttering for the holidays is to remove anything out of season. Whether that’s sports equipment only used in the summer, beach gear, or summer-oriented decorations, while you’re doing that, filter out all of the stuff that has seen better days or is broken (unless you can and want to have it fixed), worn out, or outgrown—no sense in storing things that need to be replaced.
If you don’t have enough room in your basement, attic, or garage – or don’t have any of those spaces, put out-of-season items into storage. The peace of mind created by clearing space is well worth it.
Now is also a good time to do your summer to a winter clothing swap. Make sure to remove shoes and clothing items that have been damaged, outgrown, or are hopelessly out of date.
If, while going through the out-of-season items to determine what to store and what to get rid of, you come across other things that have worn out their welcome, don’t wait. Get rid of them or add them to the donation box.
If you have children, now may also be an excellent time to go through their toys and make room for new ones they’ll get for Christmas or Hanukkah. It’s best to do this with your children, so they aren’t traumatized by their belongings disappearing – and you can teach them about donating items they no longer play with or have outgrown. Do it right, and they’ll learn empathy and an appreciation for their blessings.
Taking time to declutter your home has the following benefits:

  • Frees up space for entertaining and holiday decorations
  • Less time needed to clean
  • Decreases allergens like dust, mold, and mildew
  • Prevents pests
  • Improves mood / decreases stress and anxiety

Psychology Today article even argues that decluttering any time of the year helps to increase energy and boost confidence. Why? Because it helps you feel more competent.
Cleaning out the fridge after doing the previous steps is also wise. Holidays mean extra cooking, food, gifts, etc. Get rid of anything lurking in the back that’s become a science experiment, use up or toss those condiments that only have an inch left in the jar or bottle, etc. Also, take stock of your baking supplies and replenish what you’ll need, so you’re ready to make Halloween treats, Thanksgiving pies, bread, holiday cookies, cakes, and doughnuts.

How Do I Organize My Home for the Holidays?

Setting priorities for organizing your home for the holidays is an essential first step. If you know you won’t have any overnight guests, don’t worry about decluttering and organizing the guest rooms and throwing a party. The dining room and living room would be the priority areas. If you have time to organize your house before the holidays, great, but it’s still wise to do the high-priority areas first in case time gets away from you.


  1. Make ahead what you can. If you have holiday recipes that freeze well, make them for later. That can include everything from desserts that freeze well to soups that are a holiday dinner first course and more.
  2. Designate a specific place for wrapping gifts. Why? Because then you can leave wrapping paper, tape, scissors, gift bags, and gift tags there so you don’t have to waste time collecting them to wrap last-minute gifts. It also makes it easier and faster to get some wrapping done quickly when the giftee isn’t home.
  3. Check your coat closet and ensure room for guests’ coats. If you’re having a party and your coat closet is too small to accommodate all of your guests’ coats, designate a room that you won’t otherwise use for the party to hold the coats, like an office or (preferably guest) bedroom. Make sure this room is tidy before the party.
  4. Remove non-essential appliances and items from your kitchen. Freeing up countertop space is always smart before holiday entertaining and cooking.
  5. Streamline everything. That means removing excess pillows from your couch before the party. Yes, those holiday pillows are cute, but if they take up too much seating room, they’re a detriment. Just leave one or two. Declutter the bathroom vanity/countertop, preferably in all bathrooms, but at least in the restrooms used by guests. Women’s Day has even more tips for getting organized before the holidays.

You can also use this Thanksgiving declutter checklist to prep for other holiday gatherings.


  1. Make a plan, including the cooking timeline
  2. Order your turkey at least two weeks in advance
  3. Declutter your kitchen
  4. a. Clean out the fridge

  5. Make sure you have the serving pieces you’ll need
  6. Declutter the dining room
  7. a. Make sure you have enough seating

  8. Declutter the living room/family room
  9. Declutter the guest bedrooms
  10. Tidy and declutter the entrance area
  11. Bake and cook ahead whatever you can
  12. Check the turkey thawing time
  13. a. Brine the turkey if desired

  14. Three days before the holiday: clean the living and dining room
  15. Two days before the holiday: clean the bathrooms
  16. Decorate the table
  17. One day before the holiday: prep the kitchen, vacuum
  18. Morning of – empty trashcans, put out fresh towels

While the above list includes some aspects of holiday meal prep, a Thanksgiving or holiday cooking timeline and checklist contain more steps. Real Simple has a good cooking checklist that covers all aspects of planning and preparing food and beverages for holiday dinners.

Let Box&Co Help You Declutter for the Holidays

Get ready for the holidays by putting those out-of-season items into on-demand storage with Box&Co and free up space. Just call us and request the needed number of storage containers, and we’ll deliver them. Pack up your stuff, and we’ll pick it all up when you’re ready, and store them. We’ll return your items when needed, and you can keep track of your stored items online. To learn more, please contact us today. 

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