Best Ways to Store Summer Clothes

How to store summer clothes
It’s time to admit it. It’s going to get a whole lot colder before it’s going to get warmer. If you still have your summer clothes in your closet and your winter clothes are unreachable, it’s time to catch up with the season. If you need to do a closet swap or get organized, it’s time to get moving, and Box&Co On Demand Storage can help make that swap run smoothly.

Box&Co Makes Storage Convenient and Easy

You don’t have to worry about storage being inconvenient when you work with Box&Co. We’ll make storage easy and you won’t have to leave home. All you have to do to store your items is contact Box&Co and set up an account, or, if you already have one, order your containers and schedule a time to have them delivered. Once Box&Co brings them, it’s time to get packing! We’ll also come back and pick them up when they’re ready to be stored. And you can keep track of them by using the inventory feature on your account. When you need your summer clothes back, we’ll return them. Box & Co makes everything easy, so we want to tell you some ways to make packing and storing summer clothes easier.

Before You Pack Your Summer Clothes

Packing your summer clothes shouldn’t be just a matter of taking clothes out of a closet, tossing it into the containers you order and shipping them off. The change of seasons offers a great opportunity to organize your summer clothes. Go through all of your clothing and ask yourself how many times you wore them last summer. If the answer is “never” or “rarely,” you should consider donating the clothes to charity, Good Housekeeping suggests.

It’s also extremely important that you wash all of the clothing and items you store before you pack them away. This is because stains and sweat on your clothing can attract pests like moths and carpet beetles. Perspiration can also bring about mold or mildew.

Before You Store Clothing

Once it’s time to store the clothing, the Spruce offers some tips. Instead of folding clothing, they suggest rolling clothes so hard creases don’t form on them. It’s also a good idea to sort all of your clothing into categories rather than just put everything together without organization. Put all of your shirts in one container and pants in another. Skirts and blouses should get their own categories too as should any accessories. If you’re going to be hanging items, you should make a point of selecting strong, sturdy hangers. Skirts and pants should be hung by their waste bands to avoid creases and silk fabrics should be hung on padded hangers. If you’re going to use clothing storage bags, wash and dry the bags to avoid dust and mold.

Box&Co Solves Winter Storage Problems

Once you have your clothing organized and packed away, you can rest secure in the knowledge that your clothing will be packed away in our facility that’s monitored 24/7 through police and fire security systems. Once the weather gets warmer and you’re ready to use your summer wardrobe again, we’ll bring it back to you. It’s that easy! Contact Box&Co On Demand Storage today.

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