Is There a Best Way to Pack Storage Boxes?

how to pack boxesWhether packing to put things into storage or for a move, there is a best method to fill storage boxes. Luckily, it’s not hard; it just takes patience and planning.

First, if residents previously used the boxes, check to ensure no tears or marks indicate water or oil damage, which could lead to the boxes breaking when you least expect it.

If what you’re packing is particularly fragile – or if you want to be extra careful – place a layer of packing pellets or bubble wrap in the bottom, and it’ll cushion the contents.

Fill boxes. This will provide more structural support and prevent stacked boxes from sagging or collapsing. However, be careful to keep the boxes manageable, so they’re manageable. If a box contains heavy items, like books or cast-iron cookware, use lightweight items or packing material to fill out the top.

However, fill boxes sparingly too. If the box is bulging or the lid doesn’t fit securely, remove some items until the container is filled without being overstuffed.

What Is the Best Size Box for Packing?

This question can have two answers. On the one hand, “the best size box” for practicality is either a 1.5 cubic foot box or a 3 cubic foot box. Those are the most common size boxes used for moving and/or storage, and the former is typically rated to hold up to 50 pounds of weight and the latter 60 pounds. The Spruce has a guide to storage boxes with helpful information.

However, heavy boxes can be a problem and should be avoided whenever possible. They’re harder to move, are more prone to breaking, and can be dangerous to lift high. So if you are using 3 cubic foot boxes or larger, try to balance out the weight by placing heavy items on the bottom with lighter items on top to fill the space.

On the other hand, the best size box is just large enough to hold what needs to be stored. This mainly applies to oddly sized or heavy items. When packing books, it’s best to use smaller boxes so they will be manageable when filled.

What Else Can You Use to Pack?

On a tight budget, or have you run out of packing materials inconveniently? Other packing options do exist.

Pillows, towels, and bed linens could be “packed” in garbage bags if you ran out of boxes. You can also use these items as padding to cushion fragile items or fill out space in boxes.

Out of packing material? Consider these packing material alternatives:

  • Newspapers, balled up or wrapped around fragile items
  • Magazine pages can be used the same way
  • Shredded office paper
  • Resealable plastic bags filled with air
  • Wrapping paper saved after use

Box&Co Makes Storage Easy

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