5 Stylish Organization Trends for 2022

2022 organization trendsAlong with weight-loss tips, one of the most consistently popular topics people research is how to get organized. That’s especially true in January between the New Year, resolutions, and Organize Your Home Day on January 14.

But before reviewing the latest organization trends, let’s take a quick look at the ones that have worn out their welcome. These are the ideas that looked cool but failed the real-world practicality test.

Organization Trends That Are Over:

    1. Rainbow Organization

The Instagram crowd loved the idea of organizing items, especially books, on shelves by color, creating a rainbow effect, and it looks pretty in Stories. The problem is it requires knowing the color of a book, not just its title, author, or topic, to find it, adding unnecessary search time. Even if you remember, what about everyone else who has access to your books?

    1. Highly Specialized Organizers for Every Room

On the surface, it sounds smart – get organizers specifically for each room, so the bathroom organizer is perfect for bathroom products, the kitchen organizers are just right for kitchen items, and so forth. That can get expensive, confusing, and overwhelming. Also, what happens when you have more organizers for one room than another? A better idea is to use versatile organizers and can be used anywhere.

    1. Built-in Closet Cubbies and Hampers

This also sounds like a great idea, but a built-in laundry hamper means an extra step of having to empty it into another carrier every time you want to do laundry. As for built-in shoe cubbies in a closet, those tend to take up too much space while holding too little. That’s especially true for items like athletic shoes where only a single sneaker might fit into a cubbie. It also means wasting time pulling them open and closed to find the ones you want. A better solution is an open shelf where you can line up shoes and see what’s where.

Now that you know what not to do, here’s a look at some fresh new ideas.

Stylish Organizational Trends for 2022

    1. Multipurpose Rooms and Design

The pandemic changed a lot, including how we live and work. Whether staying home more because of bad weather or continuing to work from home, flexibility is essential. That means organizers can be used multiple ways, along with adaptable-use rooms. A dining table might be a homework station, and a spare room could be a home office with a futon, sofa bed, or daybed to do double duty as a guest room.

    1. Nature-inspired Design

Bringing the feeling of nature indoors is big now, and that can mean organizers of natural materials or colors that reflect nature like soft greens, blues, and browns. While not related to organization, indoor plants are also popular now as part of that trend and help clean indoor air.

    1. Sustainable Materials

Related to the above trend, organizers and furniture made of sustainable materials are popular. That can include products made of bamboo, reclaimed or recycled materials, and even re-purposing items you already have or found in thrift stores.

    1. Pantry Storage

With supply chain issues projected to continue for a good portion of 2022, with or without another COVID wave, people are now in the habit of keeping extra supplies on hand “just in case.” That means turning closets into a pantry or adding other storage solutions to organize extra kitchen staples and the like.

    1. Clean Design

Because of spending so much time indoors, space is essential. Knickknacks and tchotchkes are out. Keeping surfaces clear makes multipurpose design easier. Also, if you are keeping extra kitchen and cleaning supplies around, you need to free up space for them. Put your out-of-season and not currently used items into storage to maintain clear areas and then get them back out when you need them.

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