5 Benefits of Organization and Time Management

benefits of time management“Getting organized” isn’t about being rigid or setting up your belongings like a library. Organization and good time management are actually about freeing up time and energy because time isn’t wasted searching for things. It means you know where things are when you need them. It also provides a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

The benefits of time management and good organization and include:

  1. Less stress
  2. Better quality of life
  3. Greater efficiency and productivity
  4. Better work quality
  5. More free time.

Why Is Organization and Timing Important?

Good time management and organization promotes a sense of calm and assurance. It means you aren’t rushing and are more likely to hit your deadlines. It also decreases stress around those deadlines and tasks in general. The benefits of time management and good organization also tend to be associated with less procrastination. When we feel overwhelmed, over-scheduled, and/or scattered, procrastination is far more common.

How Can I Improve My Time Management Skills?

Improving time management skills is right up there with “getting organized” as some of the most Googled and sought after information. As such, there are many approaches but a few common ways to improve time management skills include:

  1. Don’t multitask. It actually slows you down.
  2. Set priorities instead of making a to-do list.
  3. Make a plan.
  4. Use SMART goals.
  5. Take breaks. It can actually help with maintaining focus.
  6. Set timers and do tasks in bursts.
  7. Say “no.”Don’t try to do it all.

How Can I Improve My Organization Skills?

One of the first steps to improving your organization skills is to declutter. That might sound odd, but if you don’t start by getting rid of what you no longer need, you’ll just be moving things round. That first stage can be a “fast declutter” as in getting rid of the low-hanging fruit and the obvious things that can be eliminated. Focus on priorities and goals instead of to-do lists or only make to-do lists after setting priorities. Why? So you don’t make a long list of to-do’s for low-priority tasks, which can then wear on you mentally. Make sure those goals and priorities are realistic.

Start organizing and making systems that work for you. For example, a basket, small table, or hooks near your entrance to hold keys, bags, coats, etc. can save a lot of effort, stress, and time otherwise wasted looking for things.

Let Box&Co Help You Get Organized

Making space by putting into storage items you only occasionally need is a great first step to clearing your head, getting organized, and improving your time management skills. Even better, Box&Co makes it incredibly easy with our itemized storage and our pick up and delivery service. You can even keep track of all of your stored items online. To learn more, contact us today via phone call or fill out our form.

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