National Organize Your Home Day: Organization Tips for Your Winter Items

There is nothing more frustrating when your missing matching hat and left glove while walking to work in twenty-degree weather.  Yes we realize that it can be a hassle trying to find your winter items every time you walk out the door during the winter season.  There are solutions though, to make the frigid months of January and February go by more quickly. Here are some tips on how to keep all your winter items stored neat and tidy during the cold season.

1.) Store all your winter items in one closet

The single best way to organize and store all of your winter items during the season is to put them in a closet closest to your front door.  Having all your jackets and gloves in separate areas of the house can lead to extreme disorganization and stress.

2.) 3M Command Hooks

Tired of your roommates or children just throwing their coats like it’s nobody’s problem?  Invest in some 3M Command Hooks to hang those wet coats from the floor in a nice orderly fashion.

hanging solutions

3.) Over the Door Sock/Glove/Hat Organizer

Everyday winter items such as gloves, shoes, hats, socks, etc. can be easily misplaced.  An over the door sock/glove/hat 0rganizer is key for keeping to those items organized for the vigorous walks in the snow!

shoe storage

4.) Bins

Have too many gloves for the over the door organizer?  Instead, stuff all your hats, scarfs, and gloves into one pile.  Invest in some extra bins and separate all your items into a hat bin, glove bin, scarf bins, etc.

clothing storage

5.) Boot Rack

Tired of those messy boots bringing dirt and sand all around the floor.  A boot rack is the perfect accessory to keep all your boots neat and tidy!

6.) Donate

Make the time to go through your winter items and ask yourself two things: Do I like it or do I need them?  If you don’t need them, there are many people out there that would love to have a nice warm fuzzy coat.  Plus, it’s more room in your closet.


7.) Store seasonal items with Box&Co

Need more room storing your seasonal items?  Come store them with Box&Co!


Happy National Organize Your Home Day


If you need more help organizing your home, give the experts at Box&Co. a call. We will pick up, store, and return your items on demand, all for a low price. Give us a call today at 516-986-9578 or email us @ for more information.

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