9 Clever Ways to Store Away Holiday Decorations

Now that the holidays are over and everyone is struggling to adjust back to the regular work life while hitting the gym, it’s time to start thinking about putting away those Christmas decorations. We all dread trying to figure out how to store them and worry about breaking your favorite childhood ornaments in the process.  However, these nine clever ways can make decoration storing a lot easier with many simple items in your home.

1.) Hose Reel

 holiday light hose reel

If you have a massive amount of Christmas lights, a hose reel is an ideal way to wrap them up and store so it’s not tangled for the following holiday season.  Nothing is better than keeping your lights tangle-free!

2.) Wrap Smaller Lights Around Coffee Cans

 coffee can lights

If you do not own a hose reel, smaller objects such as coffee cans can do the job just right without tangling any lights.

3.) Store Ornaments in Clear Divider Bins

ornaments in a plastic bin

Separate each type of decoration can lead to more organization with a clear divider bin.

4.) Coffee Filters

ornaments wrapped in coffee filters

We all have those sacred ornaments that we are extremely fragile.  Coffee Filters are great way to cushion them, without the fear of them breaking during the summer season.

5.) Storing Ornaments in Egg Cartons 

ornaments in egg carton

Another way to recycle is to keep your egg cartons when they are empty and start to store several of your Christmas ornaments inside of them.  Plus, they can easily be stacked in storage bins.

6.) Store in Red Solo Cups

ornaments in red solo cups

Nothing is worse than having your ornaments scratched up and broken while being stored. A great hack is to save all your unused red solo cups from the Holiday party and store your decorations in each cup.

7.) Store Linen and Wrapping Paper in Garment Bags

hanging wrapping paper

If you have several of these garment bags in your closet.  Simply store all of your table clothes, linen, and wrapping paper in the bags and gently hang them in your closet.

8.) Garage Overhead Storage

overhead bin storage

If you are feeling a bit more ambitious, installing an overhead storage system in your garage keeps decorations out of the way while keeping closet space free for your dozens of designer shoes.

9.) Box & Co Bins

Is your place crammed with extra boxes of Holiday decorations and you can’t find the space to store them. Try storing your items with Box & Co!

box&co storage bin

While you’re getting used to remembering it’s 2017, remind yourself to try these simpler New Year’s resolutions to make life a bit less stressful!

Have a wonderful January!

If you still don’t have enough space for your holiday decorations, contact the on-demand storage experts at Box&Co. a call. We will pick up, store, and return your items on demand, all for a low price. Give us a call today at 516-986-9578 or email us @ info@boxnco.com for more information.

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