10 Tips for Packing Up Your Dorm Room For Summer Break

college moving tipsSummer break is almost here, and that means dorm moving day. The good news is that some simple decisions and steps can make the process easier.

10 Dorm Room Packing Tips:

  1. Lighten your load. Get rid of what you no longer need.
  2. Decide on the destination. Will everything come home with you? Or will you be storing some belongings until fall? Figure this out before you do anything else to avoid problems and confusion.
  3. Sort before packing. Items you’ll need during the summer are one category. Items you won’t need until fall, whether they’re in storage or stay in boxes in your basement, are another. If you find more items to get rid of during this step, another category will be.
  4. Lists and labels. The little time it takes to label boxes and make lists of what is in each box will save a great deal of time later when you’re looking for things. Group items by type whenever possible.
  5. Start early. Begin packing before finals. You’ll be less stressed about both.
  6. Roll it. Rolling clothing is more space-efficient and causes fewer wrinkles.
  7. Keep it light. Packed boxes that weigh less than 30 pounds are less likely to break.
  8. Keep it cleanDo not pack dirty clothes, towels, or sheets. While you may tell yourself that you’ll wash them as soon as you get home, odds are there will be a delay. Dirty laundry can attract bugs, and even if it doesn’t, it will start to smell. The only dirty items you should pack are the towel, clothing, and sheets you use right before moving.
  9. Prevent leaks. Use resealable bags for anything that has already been open. However, storing open liquids or perishables could cause leaks and bugs. You want to make sure all your items stay dry and clean, so it’s best not to store open liquids or perishables at all.
  10. Fill them up. Use packing pellets, bubble wrap, etc., to fill boxes to the top. This will prevent the lids from collapsing when you stack boxes because the load is evenly distributed.

How Do You Store College Stuff Over the Summer?

In today’s world, various storage options exist for the college student home for the summer. Bringing everything home with you and storing it in your family’s basement, attic, or garage is one option.

However, not every home has the storage space to do that comfortably. A few rare colleges provide a way for students to store items while home for summer. And, of course, storage, either in your hometown or where your college is, is another option.

Storage doesn’t have to be a fixed-size, self-serve unit either. A more straightforward storage solution is a pick-up-and-delivery storage option like we do at Box&Co.

Box&Co Makes It Easy to Get Organized

When you’re ready to get organized, and store items only used occasionally, Box&Co can make things incredibly easy for you. You have to ask for the number of call us or fill out our form to contact us today.

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